Is there anything scarier than aging with it’s loses of energy & focus? Let’s talk healthy-aging.

And how you can increase your life quality in the first 2 to 3 days!

Ahh, those amazing times when our bodies were filled with sky-high energy & focus levels… In our early 20s we could enjoy life without worrying about the future and used every moment we could to create the most amazing memories. Then that 25th year hit and suddenly we started to think about our body - how it’s starting to feel weaker and more fragile. We were starting to think about our strength, focus, energy levels & how they’ve been impacted.

We’ve all had these doubts and some of us are living with them constantly. That’s why we want to have a quick chat with you & show how this big, life changing problem can be forgotten and turned into new, healthier & energy filled opportunities.

Why is energy so important?

We’re all familiar with energy, but we’re especially familiar with the feeling we get when our energy levels are low. But have you ever wondered what impacts our energy & overall metabolism?
It’s NAD+! Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, commonly known as NAD+, is a molecule that is found in every living cell and is a master regulator of human metabolism. It’s a molecule essential for multiple biological processes and is also used by the genes governing the aging process named SIRTUINS. Without NAD+, cells cannot survive.

To explain it more easily, if our NAD+ levels dropped to zero, our bodies would shut down within a few seconds! As we age, our levels of NAD+ decrease, something that affects mitochondrial function, energy production and as a result, a plethora of vital cellular functions. NAD+ boosters are one of the most promising anti-aging breakthroughs in scientific research so far.

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How to increase my NAD+ levels?

Since our cells can’t absorb NAD+ directly we need to use a “precursor”, which is a molecule that converts into NAD+. One of the best precursors for NAD+ is beta
nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN. NMN is a Vitamin B3 (niacin) derivative.

Let’s talk about results that was shown during 12 month mice trials…

In a study with mice, NMN was added to their drinking water for 7-10 days. During this period mice plasma levels was measured. The difference that they saw was incredible. Plasma NMN levels increased at first 2.5 minutes! Overall increase was visible for 15 minutes, after that the NAD+ went back to original levels with fast absorption in the gut.

After 60 minutes the NAD+ levels were measured in the tissue. Although there was no significant difference for a specific NMN dose, but there was spotted visible NAD+ increase in liver, skeletal muscle, and cortex of the brain.

This clinical trials suggest that orally administrated NMN is not only absorbed more quickly but transported into the blood circulation in the most efficient way & is immediately converted to NAD+ in metabolic tissues.

Is NMN suppementation safe for humans?

Recent studies have revealed that decline in cellular NAD+ levels causes aging-related disorders and that increasing NAD+ prevents these disorders in animal models.

However, the safety of NMN in humans have remained unclear. Therefore, a study was conducted - a clinical trial to investigate the safety of single NMN administration in 10 healthy men.

A single-arm non-randomized intervention was conducted by single oral administration of 100, 250, and 500 mg NMN. The study confirmed that the single oral administration of NMN was safe and effectively metabolized in healthy men without causing any significant deleterious effects.

Thus, the oral administration of NMN was found to be feasible, implicating a potential therapeutic strategy to mitigate aging-related disorders in humans.

Read the whole study here >>>

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Can NMN supplements combat age-related muscle loss?

Abstract preclinical studies have revealed that the elevation of NAD+ levels on administration of an NAD+ precursor, NMN, can mitigate aging-related disorders; however, human data are sparse.

Therefore, this study aimed to investigate whether the chronic oral supplementation of NMN can elevate blood NAD+ levels and alter physiological dysfunctions, including muscle weakness, in healthy elderly participants.

Metabolomic analysis of whole blood demonstrated that the oral supplementation of NMN significantly increased the concentrations of NAD+ and NAD+ metabolites.

Moreover, NMN significantly improved muscle strength and performance, which were evaluated using the 30-second chair stand test, walking speed, and grip strength, and it showed no significant effect on body composition.

Can NMN supplementation improve cardiovascular fitness, increased aerobic capacity and endurance?

Recent studies in rodents indicate that a combination of exercise training and supplementation with NAD+ precursors has synergistic effects. 

A study investigated the effects of a combination of exercise training and supplementation with NMN, the immediate precursor of NAD+, on cardiovascular fitness in healthy amateur runners.

Read the whole study here >>>

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Let’s talk about human experiences. That’s something we’re all interested in, right?

Well, we’ve got a few NMN review videos from our customers and we want to share their experience with you!

First month with NMN Bio 500 mg supplements

Our customer calls this period of time an energy booster. Especially the first 2-3 days of it. He usually took NMN in the morning, before breakfast. As you read previously, studies with mice showed a significant NAD+ increase in the first 15 minutes of use, with much faster absorption in the gut. This is why your energy levels can start to spike after few days of use. You are getting your NAD+ levels up to a new normal state.

DISCLAIMER: most of our customers mention that after the first week of NMN use their energy levels seem to go back to how they were before. This is standard practice, because NMN normalises your new NAD+ levels.

If during first month you decide to increase your daily NMN dose, your energy boost phase can become visible once again.

How will you feel after 60+ days of use?

As we mentioned previously, the energy boost is mostly visible during the first month of NMN use, after that it normalises. So why do you have to continue using NMN?
Our customers note that longer NMN use showed better & faster body regeneration. They can recover much quicker after intense strain of muscles, long walks and other physical activities.
At the same time, their focus increased and they started to feel more cognitively efficient.

All in all, we know that aging can be difficult & cause lots of doubts about our heath and well-being. We often search for the easiest way to increase our overall body performance. Believe us, we can imagine how many supplements you’ve tried & how frustrated you felt when the results were not there.

We’re here to offer you the chance to increase your energy, focus and regeneration levels with NMN Bio - you’ll feel as if you are in your 20s again.

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