One thing is certain following the pandemic – everyone’s screen time is up. We have so much to thank our electronics for – on some days it became the only way to see loved ones. But is the shift to online taking its toll on our minds and bodies? YouTube physical and mental health expert David Florence certainly thinks it is, declaring “Too much tech has definitely made Dave a dull boy!” so he’s increasing his physical activity with a plan alongside this to give his body exactly what it needs to best repair itself as well.

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NMN has a powerful & positive effect on the activity of our bodies’ longevity proteins called Sirtuins. Our Sirtuins are responsible for the repair and maintenance of our bodies’ cells and systems that keep us healthy.

This desirable effect promotes our anti-aging processes and allows the cells in our bodies to repair and function at optimum levels.

But there’s a suggestion that this harmonious relationship between NMN, Sirtuins and, our health may not be as benign as we thought.

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