• What is NAD
  • Dirty genes and NAD
  • What are SIRTUINS?
  • What is Autophagy?
  • Presentation start: How NMN, NAD + Autophagy Are Related
  • CD38 and its relationship with Sirtuins and NAD
  • Age and when your faculties, hormones and energy decline
  • How can we activate autophagy naturally?
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So why have any concerns at all been raised linking NMN to cancer? A 2013 study published in Cell, revealed the remarkable anti-ageing impact increasing NAD+ levels had on cell tissue in mice. The same study identified intriguing changes relating to a molecule called HIF-1, now considered to be switched on by both the ageing process and some cancers. 

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NAD+ is an essential coenzyme required to keep us healthy. Put simply, if our NAD+ levels dropped to zero our bodies would survive less than a minute! Research shows NAD+ levels decrease as we age, and scientists are discovering that taking NAD+ boosters NMN and NR look likely to reverse many signs of ageing.

Is NMN safe for human consumption though?

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If a worldwide pandemic leads to anything, it is millions more grey hairs. Behind the scenes, though, some exciting scientific developments are emerging from this chaotic year - and reversing grey hair by supplementing with NMN may just be one of them. 

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