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NMN Bio was founded by an interdisciplinary, female scientist Dr. Elena Seranova.

Without NAD+ we would die in the time it takes to boil a kettle! 😲

It is obvious why this molecule is important, however, this molecule sadly does not ‘age’ well in our bodies. It’s been anecdotally mentioned that by the time you are 20 you have lost half of your NAD+ levels and when you’re 40 you may be down to just 25% of your original NAD+ levels.

Lower NAD+ levels correlate to many health problems including:

• Weakened immune system
• Increased feelings of fatigue
• Skin ageing
• Weight gain

Ageing and decreased NAD+ levels are very highly correlated which is why a lot of important research has gone into finding ways to increase NAD+ levels. This is where NMN & NR come into play.

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NMN boosts NAD+ levels, which deplete as we age
Boost energy levels
Fights the signs of ageing
Enhance focus
Optimise mitochondrial function – as well as a myriad of other benefits
Enhance endurance, aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness
Allows the cells in our bodies to repair and function at optimum levels

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Our team of scientists has built NMN Bio to make sure everyone can access affordable and great quality NMN supplements to improve their health, energy levels and fight ageing.

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