Autophagy and NAD+ for Longevity!

Autophagy and NAD+ for Longevity!

In this interview, Dr Elena Seranova describes the benefits of both autophagy and NAD+ boosting for longevity. Wondering why activating autophagy is good for you? Check the video below!



01:05 How Elena Became an Autophagy Researcher

04:00 What Is Autophagy

06:25 Why Is Autophagy Important

11:11 When Is Autophagy Not Good

12:12 What Activates Autophagy

16:50 How to Measure Autophagy

26:55 NAD+ Role in Autophagy

30:20 What Increases NAD+ Levels

31:35 Negative Effects of NAD+

36:35 NAD and Aging

41:21 Best Ways to Activate Autophagy

45:10 Melatonin and Autophagy

46:30 Trehalose and Autophagy

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