How good does it feel to take NMN for six months? David Florence tells us exactly that…

How good does it feel to take NMN for six months? David Florence tells us exactly that…

In a quest to enhance his physical and mental health in every way possible, David Florence has been taking NMN for six months now – and has no intentions of stopping.

David has become such an expert in optimum health he now has more than 18 thousand YouTube subscribers to his ‘Evolution of Dave’ channel. This month he let everyone know how much he is benefiting from NMN Bio daily supplementation. It’s no surprise David has felt the benefits since numerous studies show taking NMN increases the levels of NAD+ in living cells and NAD+ plays a vital role in cellular and metabolic health and also acts as the fuel for our anti-ageing genes called SIRTUINS.

For fitness fanatic David - who is already very energetic - it’s the remarkable ways his body is recuperating whilst taking NMN that’s really caught his attention. “The biggest change I've noticed is in recovery and healing, I've definitely noticed this. Let's say I’ve injured myself with a muscular injury from digging too much or lifting too much, or just simply I've done far too much exercise in the heat… Previously it would have taken me a good two to three days to recover sometimes – this has sped up the recovery phase.”

Reflecting on the early months of supplementing with NMN, David explains another key area where he has reaped the benefits is how lively his mind has felt. “Cognition is another area…Initially, there was that sort of cool breeze effect - the only way I could describe it - running through my brain and it felt like a few neurons had lit up, it just felt like there was a little bit more capability in there.”

NMN has gained a lot of attention since the release of longevity scientist, Dr David Sinclair’s, book Lifespan in which he sings NMN’s praises. David Florence’s positive experience not only reflects Dr Sinclair’s but also aligns with the positive results of mice studies in recent years. For example, the results of one study, published in Cell, concluded “Treatment of mice with the NAD+ booster nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) improves blood flow and increases endurance in elderly mice.” A recent human study, published in Science, also showed clearly how taking NMN increases the level of blood NAD+.

In his six-month NMN review, David Florence also points to the growing research evidencing how effective NMN can be and how “David Sinclair has been taking it for a good ten years or so and he's claiming many benefits from taking it”. David adds, “Six months in and I am definitely still going to take this.” Interestingly, in his own evolution, David noticed a big change when he increased his daily NMN intake. “When I stepped it up to 1g I noticed almost as if my brain had woken up even further - it felt lighter.” David points to a cupboard full of supplements and recognises it can be tricky to pinpoint the individual effects of each one but feels with NMN, “I’ve noticed changes that have occurred progressively over the six months.”

David takes NMN Bio because he feels it’s important to know where your NMN is sourced and that it’s of high quality. “Be careful that wherever you're buying it from has got a good supply chain. Check on the website for various tests that they've undergone, make sure that the purity level is 99%. Look for things like metal content toxicity levels and other factors.” We wholeheartedly agree it’s important to look at the detail when deciding which NMN to buy. With NMN Bio Ltd founded by a scientist, it is fundamental to what we believe in to be transparent about our products so you are reassured knowing how your NMN is sourced and can be certain of the 99% purity.

To follow David’s lead and begin your own evolution click here to get started on your NMN journey – or to increase your dose for those of you already reaping the benefits but ready to take your evolution to the next level.

Watch the original video on David's channel here.

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