Lynn Hardy reveals the benefits of using NMN Supplements after a month

Lynn Hardy reveals the benefits of using NMN Supplements after a month

Lynn Hardy has always been into exercise, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, meditation… Basically, she has been into everything that slows down the aging process. Then NMN supplements came into play. Lynn’s YouTube channel The Aging Games has over 15 thousand subscribers. She shares with her audience tips for healthier life, skincare products, morning routines etc. Recently she made a video on NMN supplements and their benefits.

Benefits of NMN supplements

A month ago, Lynn started using NMN Bio products, and shortly after she has noticed various benefits of these supplements. She has been following Dr. David Sinclair for many years. She has read all his books and she has followed his podcast, and there was a product that he repeatedly talked about and that was NMN! He has mentioned this supplement so many times in his books and also in his podcast and it really caught her attention. “NMN is a vitamin B3 derivative that has gained quite a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. The latest research links its ability to boost NAD+, another important molecule for cellular metabolism and a healthier lifespan. Research in mice suggests that it can combat the hallmarks of aging including insulin sensitivity, age-associated weight gain, mitochondrial function etc. This results in humans usually having better energy levels and focus amongst other benefits. Recent clinical studies in humans show that it increases insulin sensitivity in pre-diabetic women, fights age-related muscle degeneration and increases aerobic capacity, cardiovascular fitness and endurance in healthy adults of both genders; it is also very well tolerated in dosages up to 1.2 grams a day with no side effects.”

Better Eyesight!

After a month of using NMN supplements, Lynn noticed that one of the benefits that surprised her was better eyesight. She has realized that sometimes she even forgets to put her glasses on! It was just one of the positive side effects of this supplement.

Increases Metabolism

Lynn thinks that probably the number one thing why she decided to take this supplement is the fact that it increases metabolism! “As women are getting older and hitting perimenopause and menopause, losing weight or even maintaining weight just becomes a lot more difficult. It is more of a challenge, it requires more exercise, stricter diet, paying attention to lifestyle factors, getting good sleep all the time, all those things can become a real challenge which put a lot of stress on women bodies, but NMN helps to support the body through this. It helps to increase metabolism and reduce insulin which is really important and it helps to increase performance in the gym, it gives more energy overall during the day!”

More energy

As someone who loves being active, she visits the gym all the time. After the first month of using NMN supplements, she does not feel fatigued anymore and not only just that; she has energy even after the workouts! “I have to tell you that since I have been taking this supplement I do feel like I need less sleep, less rest, and I wake up more refreshed in the morning.”

NMN supplements as a part of a morning routine

Taking her NMN supplements in the morning has become her ritual. It carries her throughout the day and she points out that even when she works very late into the night she is still alert and focused. She is all about natural high and natural energy, so even without coffee or caffeine (which she never drinks), she is feeling energized and awake.

Helps with memory

As she continued taking her NMN supplements every morning, she felt that her memory was improving, she was able to work late at night and to keep the track of everything she was doing. Lynn also pointed out why women over 40 should take these supplements: “NMN has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity in women that are pre-diabetic, postmenopausal, obese or overweight. After only 10 weeks, these women had a better insulin sensitivity and effect that people taking NMN describe as “having less sugar cravings”. Our hormonal peak is at 25 and this also correlates with the peak production of a molecule called NAD+ that is a master regulator of human metabolism. NAD+ serves as a fuel for longevity proteins called SIRTUINS. Unfortunately, our NAD + levels are decreasing with age, but the good news is that we can replenish our NAD + levels by taking a precursor molecule such as NMN.”

What made Lynn choose NMN supplements?

After she made the decision to start taking supplements, she faced the problem of how to choose which product she should try. She was aware that most natural health products are not regulated by any agency! The reason why she chose NMN is the company’s commitment and transparency. She is sure that each batch of NMN supplement is always tested, so that gave her a lot of trust and hope in this product.

Watch the full video below:

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