The Birth of a Breakthrough: NAD+ Brain

The Birth of a Breakthrough: NAD+ Brain

Dr. Elena Seranova here — the creator of NAD+ Brain and founder of NMN Bio.

So, the rumours are true. When it comes to NAD+ Brain, I definitely got my hands dirty. After studying cognitive neuroscience and, later on, the genetics of brain function & neurodegeneration during my bachelor's and master's degrees, I found myself in the lab at the University of Birmingham in 2017. An ambitious PhD student eager to change the world through science and make a positive impact on other people's health.

During my PhD studies in neurodegeneration and stem cell biology, my research led me to study something called NAD+ metabolism.

NAD+ is a remarkable molecule that is called "the master regulator of cell metabolism". Without it, your cells would be dead in 30 seconds. The assumptions of my initial PhD project led nowhere, and for the first few months, I didn't generate any meaningful data.

But at some point, a "miracle" happened. We made a novel connection between neurodegeneration, NAD+ metabolism, and what can actually save the cells we were studying from degeneration. 14 publications (the average PhD student usually gets just 1 or 2), and 4 years later, here I was, founding one of the leading anti-ageing supplement companies today.

While the company started with popular supplements such as NMN and Berberine, this year was a special one for me. After nearly 2 years of research and development, my first proprietary supplement hit the market. NAD+ Brain, our unique formulation offering both short-term effects of focus and concentration and long-term effects of neuroprotection & slowing down the ageing process in the brain, is finally here.

While I personally formulated it, we had both a biochemistry team and a nutritionists' team fine-tuning the dosages of each of the 12 ingredients in this blend, with one simple goal in mind: to redefine healthy ageing for your brain.

After spending 11 years of my life studying the human brain and its ageing, I launched NAD+ Brain because it's the supplement I wish I had for my brain.

All of the ingredients in this blend are blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeable, meaning that they go straight to your brain once you take your 2 pills a day in the morning hours. All the compounds in NAD+ Brain have benefits shown in multiple human clinical studies, demonstrating efficacy, safety and a positive effect on your most precious organ: your brain.

NAD+ Brain will completely transform the baseline of your cognitive performance, improving focus and concentration, and will nourish your brain to preserve the NAD+ levels so you can enjoy more years staying as sharp as possible.

Looking back on the sacrifices I made in my twenties to obtain the skillset that allowed me to launch this product, I can truly say that it's been a dream coming true to see the NAD+ Brain become a reality.

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