Which NMN supplement is the best? NMN Bio’s standards

Which NMN supplement is the best? NMN Bio’s standards

NMN Bio Ltd began because we couldn’t find the high purity, third-party tested NMN we wanted to take ourselves.

After taking NMN for just a brief time, NMN Bio founder Dr Elena Seranova knew right away she wanted to keep on taking NMN because of how much energy she’d gained and the clarity of mind it gave her. The decision to keep taking NMN was easy. Working out which NMN supplement is the best? That wasn’t so easy. Finding a reliable, ongoing source of high purity, third-party tested NMN where the company could be clear on “Where does NMN come from?” and “Who manufactures the NMN?” Also not so easy. And that’s how NMN Bio was born.

We are not shy about our goal to provide the best NMN on the market. We are fussy about what we put in our bodies – and we believe you should be too. The whole point of taking a supplement is to get you to be and feel your best – and that means a supplement that doesn’t have any additional unnecessary contents that your body doesn’t need. That’s why at NMN Bio we are fully transparent about our products. All of our products are listed with their product of analysis certificates for you to see for yourself. A lot of suppliers of NMN don’t provide these certificates, so you can’t be certain what the supplement contains.

We are also transparent about our supply chain and are happy to disclose all of our suppliers on request. The third-party companies we work with get a lot of questions from us. We want to know exactly how they test, manufacture, store and create their products. Because their ingredients become the ingredients we put in our own bodies – and the ingredients we provide to you.

Dr Elena Seranova NMN UK

The founder of NMN Bio, Dr Elena Seranova holds a PhD in Stem Cell Biology.


By asking these questions we are able to provide a premium quality product that we can guarantee is vegan friendly and allergen free. We are also able to guarantee your NMN is of a pharmaceutical grade, which many suppliers cannot guarantee – NMN Bio has a purity of more than 99%. NMN Bio is also made with non-GMO ingredients – meaning it’s been made without any unnecessary genetic engineering. When you are deciding which NMN supplement is the best, these are the factors you should be considering.

We also wanted to be a brand where people could come to learn about NMN and why it works so effectively – somewhere where you can ask how much NMN to take daily, what is NMN made from, and to be an ongoing resource for you to understand what NMN is and how it affects the body – such as by sharing a recent study demonstrating how NMN has now been shown to increase insulin sensitivity. With an interdisciplinary scientist leading the way, we will always aim to give you the latest news and advice on anti-ageing supplements, as understood and supported by the latest scientific research.

A lot of people wonder why is NMN so expensive compared to other supplements – the reason is it is such a complex molecule and the composition has to be just right to ensure you are getting the NAD+ boost required to feel the full benefits of a plethora of vital cellular functions – and ultimately possibly even add years to your life! So it really does matter how it’s sourced.

We are biased in believing our NMN is of the highest standard, of course – but we’ve earned the right to be. We hope that when you’re asking what is the best NMN supplement to take – and what brand of NMN is best - you think of us. Our promise to you is that, with a scientist at the forefront of NMN Bio, these standards will remain high.

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