NMN, NAD, Autophagy and how to live longer!

NMN, NAD, Autophagy and how to live longer!

In this interview, we talk about a few different things and take a deep dive into the relationship between NAD, NMN and autophagy. 

A few points we touch on:

  • What is NAD
  • Dirty genes and NAD
  • What are SIRTUINS?
  • What is Autophagy?
  • Presentation start: How NMN, NAD + Autophagy Are Related
  • CD38 and its relationship with Sirtuins and NAD
  • Age and when your faculties, hormones and energy decline
  • How can we activate autophagy naturally?

The video is timestamped so you can skip directly to the parts of the interview that are most relevant to you! It's the first time Dr Elena Seranova shares a slide presentation and explains in depth the biology related to NAD and autophagy. 

Watch the interview here! 

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