NMN has a powerful & positive effect on the activity of our bodies’ longevity proteins called Sirtuins. Our Sirtuins are responsible for the repair and maintenance of our bodies’ cells and systems that keep us healthy.

This desirable effect promotes our anti-aging processes and allows the cells in our bodies to repair and function at optimum levels.

But there’s a suggestion that this harmonious relationship between NMN, Sirtuins and, our health may not be as benign as we thought.

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  • What is NAD
  • Dirty genes and NAD
  • What are SIRTUINS?
  • What is Autophagy?
  • Presentation start: How NMN, NAD + Autophagy Are Related
  • CD38 and its relationship with Sirtuins and NAD
  • Age and when your faculties, hormones and energy decline
  • How can we activate autophagy naturally?
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So why have any concerns at all been raised linking NMN to cancer? A 2013 study published in Cell, revealed the remarkable anti-ageing impact increasing NAD+ levels had on cell tissue in mice. The same study identified intriguing changes relating to a molecule called HIF-1, now considered to be switched on by both the ageing process and some cancers. 

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NAD+ is an essential coenzyme required to keep us healthy. Put simply, if our NAD+ levels dropped to zero our bodies would survive less than a minute! Research shows NAD+ levels decrease as we age, and scientists are discovering that taking NAD+ boosters NMN and NR look likely to reverse many signs of ageing.

Is NMN safe for human consumption though?

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