NMN Rescues Neurodegeneration?

NMN Rescues Neurodegeneration?
NMN Rescues Neurodegeneration


In this interview, Dr Elena Seranova talks through her latest paper on the impact of NAD+ precursors (NR & NMN) on autophagy in human neurons with Richard from Modern Healthspan. 

Dr Seranova, starts by talking briefly about the founding and background of NMN Bio and then takes a deep dive into the following during the interview:

  • Creating autophagy deficient neurons
  • Deficiency in autophagy & neuro degeneration
  • Metabolic dysregulation
  • NAD+ dysfunction
  • Impact on mitochondria
  • Rescue with NAD+ precursors
  • Sirtuins & PARPS
  • Implications for brain health


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