There are multiple companies that now sell NMN and it’s quite challenging to find a reliable supplier of this supplement that is more pricey than your average Multivitamin.

We did all the research to help you decide on what’s the optimal brand of NMN you should trust and here are our top tips for choosing the best NMN on the market.

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  • What is NAD
  • Dirty genes and NAD
  • What are SIRTUINS?
  • What is Autophagy?
  • Presentation start: How NMN, NAD + Autophagy Are Related
  • CD38 and its relationship with Sirtuins and NAD
  • Age and when your faculties, hormones and energy decline
  • How can we activate autophagy naturally?
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So why have any concerns at all been raised linking NMN to cancer? A 2013 study published in Cell, revealed the remarkable anti-ageing impact increasing NAD+ levels had on cell tissue in mice. The same study identified intriguing changes relating to a molecule called HIF-1, now considered to be switched on by both the ageing process and some cancers. 

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